Privacy Policy

With more and more on-line crime come with concern of the safety of on-line shopping, but customers from our site are exempt from such worry. With excellent privacy protection services, our site excel in E-business circle, and we are improving our service all the time. Below is our statement on the terms on information security.

What we do to protect your information

To prevent your information from being revealed, we have strict rules for the usage of your information. Different kinds of information will be used in different situation. All our staff are experienced in on-line business, and they all have to go through a probation period before they touch any sensitive information. Besides, professional training are given to them from time to time.

To prevent your information from being stolen, we have equipped our crew with the best computers, servers, and databases on the market. And they are kept updated all the time. We leave no peephole or back-end door to on-line attackers.Besides, most of the data will be updated at certain time, so the information that we don't need will be deleted.

What choice you have

Our customers have every right to look up, alter, or delete their personal information anytime.But for the system information we collect during your visiting our site, you have no access to deal with them.You can also cancel your account totally by sending our email, and after you cancel your account, all information related to you will be deleted totally.

What you can do to support us?

Customers should keep their account information to themselves, thus no sharing or joint account is allowed.

After you finish browsing our site, remember to log out especially when you are not using your own computer.

To choose a bank with better on-line money transaction system will save us both a lot of trouble.

Please destroy the wrap when you receive the good you order, information could be revealed in this way.

Please be familiar with this statement,and by your visiting and register on our site, we assume you agree on it completely. We welcome any constructive advice as for what do you expect more from us to better protect your privacy.